Regis Philbin is sharing his story to inspire you to talk to your doctor about your statin

Image of Regis Philbin

“I was going to be busted open like a lobster.”

Regis talks about the anxiety leading up to surgery and how his friend David Letterman played an important role in the situation.

The day Regis found out about his heart condition

Regis shares what led him to discover he needed to have major surgery.

Joy Philbin’s advice for caregivers

Regis’s wife shares important tips that help her keep Regis on a heart-healthy track after his high cholesterol diagnosis.

Regis shares his tips on how YOU can take control of your heart health:

Be prepared for every doctor’s visit

Prior to your visit, list out any questions you need answered and important information or medical updates you should not forget to talk about with your doctor. This may include new medications or supplements you are taking or side effects you are experiencing. You and your doctor are a team, and the more you communicate with each other, the more likely you are to be prescribed a statin that works for your individual needs. This doctor discussion guide can help you get prepared.

Grab a helping hand

Lifestyle changes take some time to get used to. Those closest to you can have a positive influence and support you through important changes, so make sure to have a few people you trust in your corner. Keeping them in the loop with your progress and milestones can help you stay motivated, on track, and accountable.

Wake up every morning with a positive thought

Wake up every morning and reaffirm why you are committed to your heart health. Whether it’s good times with family and friends or dreams of retirement, remembering your reasons can help you focus on your goals throughout the day.

24% of people currently taking a statin say they had challenges with the first statin they took.

before you stop taking your statin.