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It’s staggering the amount of people that are dealing with cholesterol on their own, without speaking to the doctor.”

How can you learn about your unique statin status?

Did you know, 59% of people say it’s extremely important to them that their healthcare provider takes an individualized approach to selecting the right statin for them?

This quick questionnaire can help empower your cholesterol conversation

Answer these simple questions to better understand how your individual considerations matter when talking with your doctor about statin medication. You can also print a summary of your answers to help you master the cholesterol conversation during your next doctor’s visit.

1 Are you currently experiencing side effects on your statin?

2 Have you been switched from your first/previous statin?

3 Have you had a conversation with your doctor about being prescribed another statin?

4 Have you stopped taking your statin without talking to your doctor?

5 Besides high cholesterol, do you have other health conditions?

6 Did you tell your doctor about other medications or supplements you are taking? (This includes nonprescription medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements.)

7 In addition to having high cholesterol, check all that apply: