Because I keep communicating with people, I’m still on stage and TV. And because I keep talking to my doctor, I’m still alive.”

Image of Howie Mandel

Through diet, exercise, and statin medication, Howie has learned that managing high cholesterol takes daily effort (he can’t say no to chocolate!) and open communication.

Diagnosis disarray

Feeling shaken up by his high cholesterol diagnosis after thinking he was in great shape, Howie began his path to better heart health with his doctor.

Howie’s balancing act

A packed schedule keeps Howie on the road 200+ days per year. See how he strives to keep his cholesterol levels in check by eating healthy and exercising.

“My kids know I have high cholesterol. If they didn’t, they would let me eat what I order.’

For Howie, it’s his family who helps keep his heart health in check.